Multani Mitti / Fuler's Clay Face Mask for Oily Skin (Recipe)

Multani Mitti / Fuler's Clay Face Mask for Oily Skin (Recipe)

Multani mitti has been used for centuries as a face mask in beauty recipes in India and all over the world. The ability for multani mitti to absorb oil, remove dirt, and clean the skin is the main appeal of this ingredient.

This recipe is great if you have oily skin and would like to remove excess oil. As an added bonus, it's actually very easy to make!

What you'll need


  1. Combine the multani mitti and rose water in a small bowl until it forms into a smooth paste
  2. Add in the essential oil drops and stir
  3. Carefully pour out the oil into your container and store for use


  • Apply the face mask evenly over your face (avoiding eye contact) and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
  • After 10-15 minutes it will tighten and dry up. Wash it off completely.

You can repeat this process 3 times a week for continued improvement of your skin. After the first few uses, see how your skin responds and adjust frequency accordingly.

And that's it! A simple easy to use recipe to help get your skin oil free and clean. Let us know about your experience with multani mitt and rose water face packs and how it's worked for you.

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