About Elska Naturals

Thanks for stopping by our store and wanting to learn more about us!

Elska Naturals is an online provider of bulk herbs and all natural raw materials. We work with suppliers across the globe to source the highest quality products in bulk, package them for you, and ship them directly to your door.

We launched early in 2018 and have been working hard on growing our product lines, increasing our inventory and spreading the Elska Naturals name one order at a time.

As a small family owned company, we feel that our customers deserve to be treated the way we would like to be treated. That means delivering great products at great prices in a friendly manner.

We are located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and currently ship our products throughout Canada & the United States. We aim to open up orders from other countries in the upcoming months.

So why the name Elska Naturals?

Elska is the Icelandic word for "Love". Although we are not from Iceland, we feel strongly about being global citizens. For that reason, combining a beautiful word like Elska along with our mission to provide high quality natural products with the upmost care, led us to choosing the name Elska Naturals.

What we stand for

Our mission with Elska Naturals is to source the highest quality ingredients and make them accessible to customers across the world.

When we ventured into the amazing world of natural ingredients and herbs, we found that it was hard to navigate the many different suppliers we had to source from. Some had high minimum order quantities, others were not reachable and didn't take the time to speak to us, and many of them had really high shipping costs.

For that reason our goal with Elska Naturals is to focus on 3 key areas

  • Product Quality
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Low Shipping Charges

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you in the near future.

If your have any questions or feedback for us, feel free to reach us through our live chat, call us or fill out the form on our contact us page.


Peace, happiness, and Elska!

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